Taco – A church that thinks it can a be a church to all other beliefs and ideas in the name of… something.

Take-Over – a hostile, tyrannical, immoral, unethical, unbiblical or illegal way in which a ‘church’ schemes, re-brands and takes over another church. The move is usually presented as a surprise and often occurs when the members of the congregation, (whether they are the pastors, elders or laymen), have no say in the matter. The take-over is presented as the best way forward for the church.

Techlessia – a form of church government that is lead or controlled by the latest technical experts and gadgets.
Word origin: Merging of “technology” and “ecclesia”.

TEDtalk – When the message of a pastor/teacher’s sermon sounds more like something you’d hear at a Ted Talk then the Word of God.
Word origin: Inspired by TED talks.

Teebeeyenitus – a sickness where the sufferer watches “Christian” channels and empties their wallets when certain programs ask for donations.

Theojelly – A form of theology that, for those who hold it, can instantly bend or reshape itself to suit the emotional, political or societal needs of the moment.

Theojellyan – A theologian/pastor/teacher who bends or reshapes their beliefs to suit the current emotional, political or social needs of the moment.

Theolobotomy – a preaching technique that surgically removes Christian essentials from the Christian and  adds new language and ideas that lead the masses into follywander.

Theospasm – a theological innertwinge.

Tickleflick – a type of sermon that is advertised to entice new people to church but focuses mainly on the movie and not Christianity. A flicksposé or flickbuster are types of tickleflicks.
Word origin: Merging of the words “tickle” and “flick” meaning movie.

Tobacco Rolling – a biblical hermeneutic used to roll any theology and smoke it.

Trampolinianity – a liberal branch of “Christianity” (if it can be called that) that treats the faith of Christianity like a trampoline that see the central doctrines of the faith as it’s springs. Trampolinianity insists that they can remove the foundational doctrinal springs and still proceed to jump on their idea of a safe “faith”.
Word origin: Coined by Ken Silva, diagnosing the absurd theology of Rob Bell’s Christian trampoline analogy.

Tsiorrazib – A teacher who preaches bizarros. (The most well-known tsiorrazib is Peter Rollins who would proudly deny he is one.)

Turgle – a turkey that thinks it’s an eagle
Word origin: Merging of “turkey and eagle”.

Tweetertini – a type of sermon where a pastor is only keen to say catchy one-liners to get people admiring them.

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