Baddoomching – a type of sermon focused around comedy routines and gimmicks rather than the Word of God. (Perry Noble confesses he preaches baddoomchings at his church).

Beehive (verb) – an action describing what happens when the preacher or charismatic leader performs an action that make their congregants start moving hysterically as though the preacher or charismatic dropped a beehive amongst them.

Beg-a-thon – a “Christian” program or event that begs people to give the minister or ministry money so that the ministry can be more effective in helping the less fortunate. It is similar to a fleece-a-thon but usually tries to convince people that their money will help the less fortunate if given to the minister/ministry.

Bizarro – A type of sermon that often preaches or promotes people do the opposite of God’s Word and or goes against human logic.

Bladdle – when someone continues to speak to you when you’ve already told them that you need to go to the toilet.

Blenderbender – a deceptive preaching technique where the teacher blends different words and ideas together to bend the scripture to mean something completely different.

Blimpface – a face a pastor pulls by accident in an attempt to ignore some members of the congregation acting up.

Blind Squirrel – a label given to a false teacher who lives up to the expression,”Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then.”  The “nut” refers to an actual truth that the false teacher proclaims by accident while preaching/teaching.

Blubberfest – a time in a service when everyone speaks in unknown tongues.

Word origin: Merging of “snollygoster” a master manipulaor and “whopper” a lie.

Boganic – a failed attempt at being authentic, real, genuine and organic.

Boganist – someone who keeps failing at being authentic, real, genuine and organic.

Book Sudging – a technique where the false pastor/teacher is giving the impression that he/she is lecturing from an open Bible, but in reality he/she is making up his/her own theology.

Bovine Scatology – a theology that “drops a load” and should make people flee from the building.

Brandex – a type of church that is more keen spreading their brand name rather than preach the gospel.

Word origin: Merging of the words “brand” and “spandex”.

Bridal Assault – when heretical churches inflict, enforce and assault Orthodox Christianity with their own ideas and methods without the consent Orthodox Christianity.

Bridal Bashing – where pastors verbally abuse Christians who want to go deeper into God’s Word.

Bubblewar – when Christians who do not know their bible argue.
Word origin: Merging of the words “bubble” (which is an affectionate term used on airheads) and “war”.

Bugelbasher – a preacher who believes that people can only believe them if they yell.
Word origin: Merging of “bugel” (loud brass instrument) and “basher”.

Bull-Horn Preaching – a sermon or message that makes one good point in the beginning and another good point at the end but has a lot of bull in between.
Word origin: Word coined by Jim Bakker.

Bullshmit – a shmit teaching that is so bad that not even those who believe and follow shmit teaching believe it.

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