Damnesia – A fatal mental issue where the brain forgets the gospel and as a result the person suppresses their first love they found in God. If not diagnosed, the result can be eternally fatal.
Word origin: Combining of the words ‘damn’ and ‘amnesia’.

Darkobunny – A constructed object or person that springboards the listener into a constructed reality made up by the false teacher. It is a helpful marker for discerners to determine if a false teacher has tricked them into entering their own darkothesis. A darkobunny could be the made up ‘Opposite Worlds Translation bible’ or bizzarro ‘critic’. Not to be confused with a straw-man. The darkobunny is simply a helpful marker to indicate that it too is part of the false teacher’s constructed reality.

Darkothesis (antithesis backflip) – a deceptive preaching technique where the teacher falls on the scripture and destroys it by simply reading it. In the scriptures death, the teacher expounds on what the text does not say (usually it’s opposite (aka darkobunny)) to give the impression the text is still alive and speaking as though God is communicating something relevant – when in fact the scripture reading was never intended to go down that particular path. (Teachers who us this technique often teach a form of Marcionism – a gnostic heresy.)

Diotrephes – a type of pastor that thinks they are the biggest, the best and first in everything in any form ministry to the point that it prevents the church from functioning properly. (Often associated with people who claim they operate in the five-fold ministry of the Holy Spirit.)
Word origin: From 3 John 1:9-10.

Don Quixote Complex (DQC) – a form of mental illness diagnosed to all pastors who see themselves and their churches as being bigger and more powerful than what they really are. These pastors tend to suffer from Gol Wind, Gol Blabber and are most likely to produce sanchopanzapathy in their congregation.

Dope-Popery – a description of the Seeker Sensitive church. It can also be a Seeker Sensitive conference used to promote the doctrines, ceremonies, and systems of government of the Seeker Sensitive Church.

Draclessia – an abusive and a tightly controlled church. It disciplines minor offenses and often uses fear to control and abuse people. Often an alternative word for “cult”.
Word origin: Merging of “draconian” and “ecclessia”.

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