Laxospiel – Struggling to extrude an extremely large non-biblical revelation.

Lifeway – the state of a Christian bookstore progressing from bad to worse.
Word origin: Word inspired by the Baptist “Lifeway” Christian bookstore.

Liff – A common object or experience for which no word exists.

Lip Gloss – when a person worships God with their lips but keeps his/her heart far from God.  To worship in spirit but not in truth. It is when people know that the music they are singing is from a heretical church but likes to believe God accepts their worship anyway.

Livergiver – a pastor/teacher who compulsively gives a ‘Word’ of the Lord from their livershivers or their badly digested left-over pizza. (Not to be confused with a hearty-farty.)

Loggineyetus – a visual impairment that judgerjudgers, stonerstoners, criticcritics and haterhaters tend to possess quite naturally.

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