Pastafia – A network of pastors that will use destructive or harmful tactics to silence critics or any person that challenges their prophetic claims or pastoral/leadership offices. Well known pastafia’s are Yonggi Cho’s Church Growth International, The Leadership Network, New Zealand AOG, Australian AOG, C3 Global, Hillsong/Hillsong Family.

Pastrix – A derogatory and extremely offensive label put on a woman who profess that they are a pastor or prophet either through self-appointed or experiential means. The offensive label implies that the woman who insists they hold a biblical office is a “dog”, “evildoer” (Phil 3:2), usurper or “servant of satan” (1 Cor 11). This type of woman may lead their husband and the church.

World renown pastrixes: Bimbo Odukoya, Joyce Moyer, Beth Moore, Cindy Jacobs, Christine Caine, Bobbie Houston, Paula White, Holly Wagner, Sun Ho (Ho Yeow Sun), Lisa Bevere, Chris Pringle, Gloria Copeland, Victoria Osteen, Marilyn Hickey, Nadia Bolz-weber, Katherine Ruonala, Vashti McKenzie, Taffi Dollar, Patricia King, Amanda Wells, Juanita Bynum, Melissa Fisher, Priscilla Shirer, Heidi Neumark, Laura Lentz, Shirley Caesar, Anita C. Hill.

Pastard – A recognized pastor who bastardizes, redefines or illegitimizes the pastoral office for whatever reason.

Pharasite – A popular minister known for teaching things contrary to scripture while stealing money from his congregation to keep up his extravagant lifestyle.

Pinkle – a deliberate sexual joke, reference or innuendo made in a sermon.

Platterbrain – a pastor/teacher who attempts to present any thought, concept, story, testimony or a botched scripture reading as a legitimate word from God.

Plaphet – a prophet who plagiarises.
Word origin: Merging of “plagiarist” and “prophet”.

Plaphetess – a female prophet who plagiarises
Word origin: Merging of “plagiarist” and “prophetess”.

Plough-Burner – someone who is obsessed in destroying his/her future or career by listening to a teacher who insists that he/she needs to pursue God over common sense.

Plutopia – the state of a church that is governed by a group of rich people.
Word origin: Merging of “plutocracy” and “utopia”.

Poggybonzy – an inappropriate joke, word or swear word dropped in a sermon.

Pollywaffle – a sermon, message or argument that has a lot to say but accomplishes nothing.

PoMo – abbreviation for a post-modernist.

Pompousterium – a group of “pastors” who claim they are right by using their own ego’s and legion as the final authority, not God’s Word.

PoMo Joe – a postmodernist who does not realise they are a postmodernist.

Pompstomper – someone who is known notoriously for their pompstomping.

Pompstomping – a claim designed to kill an argument by “proving” a point of view against a biblical one. E.g. “well the Lord has blessed them/us because we/they tithe”


Potentsheol – the place where people go where they discover in church their potential in the world but without hearing or knowing Jesus.

Potensheoling- when a pastor continually bashes their congregation to death with “potential” or “dream destiny” messages or rants.

Popoffski – when someone is exposed in deep sin or as a fraud in and has their ministry end spectacularly.
Word origin: From Peter Popoff who who was exposed globally as a con artist.

Powwow – a church skit or gimmick that intends to shock, cause controversy and or energize people for a church service or to advertise the church.

Praisloration – a sermon that preaches on deeds not creeds. Man’s deeds are emphasized over the gospel which leads people to become legalistic and follow man-made Pharisaical practices rather than God.

Prayersuade – a false prayer that intends to manipulate or persuade people to feel, think or act in response to what is being prayed about.
Word origin: Merging of “prayer” and “persuade”.

Prettygogy – the replacement of art or science of teaching with glitz, glamour and pretty sounding words. Words in this general practice have no meaning but largely rely on sounding beautiful and mystical. Often heard in women’s conferences. Prettygogy is a strictly female practice with the exception of seeker sensitive pastors.

Prophetic Combustion – the moment when a prophecy fails in a spectacular way.

Prophoonery – when prophets come to together and prophesy nonsense and hype.
Word origin: Merging of “prophet” and “buffoonery”.

Psychobabble – a collective mass of sound from people speaking in tongues.
Word origin: Merging of “psycho” short for psychotic and “babble” which means to speak nonsense.

Psychogesis – a false biblical hermeneutic that turns Jesus into a psychologist and the Word into a self-help manual.

Pulmonary fartery – a transitional point where someone progresses from genuine heart-felt worship to false worship. Not to be confused with wind-bagging.

Puttyfluff – an argument, bio, advert or a body of text that is filled with fluff or nonsense.

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  1. For addition: Pseudodidaskalos. False teacher. Word origin: 2 Peter 2:1.


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