Sacramaneur – A more appropriate title given to the heretical “Sacramental Entrepreneur” doctrine.

Sanchopanzapathy (SPA) – term used to describe a congregation whose pastor suffers from DQC. The symptoms of this include a lack of interest, enthusiasm and or concern for God’s Word with an emphasis on following the delusional quest of their pastor.

Selfie – when a pastor/teacher preaches a sermon about himself/herself rather than about Jesus.

Sheeple – Christians who are not prone to think for themselves but instead allow the pastor to think for them.

Shemboozle – when someone is conned to embrace shmit teaching or conned to buy shmit product.
Word origin: Merging of “shemitah” and “bamboozle”.

Shemboozler – a smittygonzales who deceives people into embracing shmit teaching and also cons people into buying shmit product.
Word origin: Merging of “shemitah” and “bamboozler”.

Shmit (shemit) – people who are full of shemita teaching.
Word origin: Abbreviation of shmita/shemitah.

Shmitador (shemitador) – people who can discern, avoid and tackle the bull behind the shmit teaching.
Word origin: Merging of “shmit” and “matador”.

Shmitagon (shemitagon) – theU.S. Department of Defense”; the core that try and arm Christians with necessary information and product to survive the end times.
Word origin: Merging of “shmit” and “Pentagon”.

Shmitapatter (shemitapatter) – ongoing banter or frantic discussion over shmit teaching.
Word origin: Merging of “shmitah” and “pitterpatter”.

Shmittygonzales – a type of pastor, teacher or prophet that hastily or urgently teaches or promotes shmit teaching.
Word origin: Merging of “shmitah” and “Speedy Conzales”.

Shmittypoo – woman that preaches shmit or a wife of a shmittygonzales or shemboozler.

Shonkookery – the process where people begin realise that a not very intelligent preacher is preaching at them to look smart.

Shrine – adverts often found in Christian stores that compile of praising the latest release of a popular heretic.

Sinyata – a type of pastor who is full unrepentant sin to whom people and the congregation keep poking until he confesses and repents. (Most famous example: Mark Driscoll.)

Sirenade – the music one hears towards the end of a sermon or at an altar call that seduces the weary or gullible soul to the front of the room to receive something from the speaker.
Word origin: Merging of “siren” a Greek monster that seduces sailors with her melodies to her rocky altar; and “serenade”.

Skimaginating – a hermeneutic that relies on skimming over the biblical text in an attempt to trigger one’s imagination to form the basis for the teaching.

Skybaloney – boastings of someone’s own credentials and/or accomplishments which are actually not true.

Skybaloony – boastings of someone’s own credentials and/or accomplishments that are clearly false but outrageously funny or stupid.

Slickotine – an abusive and addictive substance Christian’s can get addicted to if sermons are focused on delivering class, wit and perfection.
Word origin: Merging of “slick” and “nicotine”.

Snollywhopper – a church advert that disguises itself as a sermon to manipulate people.
Word origin: Merging of “snollygoster” a master manipulaor and “whopper” a lie.

Spazing – the process in spazwhooping that gets people to willingly believe that everything they feel, see, hear and smell in the moment is directly from God.

Spazticus – someone who is under the control of spazing. The spaztici in a church will lead everyone to feel, say and believe similar things without question.

Spazwhooping – the point in a worship song where a preacher or worship leader deliberately riles people up emotionally so they can experience or feel God’s presence.

Spiritual crack whore – a derogatory label attributed to someone  who is addicted and sell themselves to worship experiences at the expense of true worship. Label isoften applied to “worshipers” who are already “on fire” before they get to church in anticipation of their next worship fix or to “worship” leaders who sell out.

Stonerstoner – a stoner who stones “stoners”.

Stuperior – 1. having or parading an overly high and stupid opinion of oneself or ones movement but comes across stuporstitious.
2. a high ranking leader, teacher, prophet or pastor that rules over people through stuporstition.
Word origin: Merging of “stupor” and “superior”.

Stuperiority – the state of being stuperior.
Word origin: Merging of “stupor” and “superiority”.

Stuperstition (superstitious) – a highly stupid belief or notion based on ludicrous doctrines, ideas, concepts, formula, circumstance, occurrences, proceeding, or the like.
Word origin: Merging of “stupor” and “superstition”.

Sudging – a teaching technique which suggests that something that isn’t happening or being said is.

Supercalifragilipsync – when singing in tongues is orchestrated either in a live recording or in the music studio.

Superwhooper – the top currently trending “super apostles” of apostasis.
Word origin: Merging of “super” and “whooper” which means to falsify.

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