Haduken – the act of someone supposedly slaying a person “in the spirit”.

Halleluding (Hallelusion) – a technique where the false teacher uses the word Hallelujah as though it were a question.  He/she makes a heretical statement and then says, “Halleluja?” and the congregation responds by saying, “Hallelujah” back.
Word origin: Merging of “hallelujah” and “alluding” or “allusion”/”illusion”.

Hand Sudging – a technique where the minister makes up his own theology by “sudging” that his message comes from the Bible.  He does this by keeping the Bible open and making hand gestures to indicate he is reading the Word of God.

Haterhater – a hater who hates “haters”.

Hearty Farty – a term given to someone who blindly teaches things from his/her heart rather than from the Word of God.

Heathengelicalism – A large sect of evangelicalism that cares more about every wind of doctrine than the foundational teachings of Orthodox Christianity.

Hennypenny – a shmittygonzales or type of false prophet that keeps looking to the sky, blood moons or stars and prophesying the end of the world (and often asking for money to support their ministry).
Word origin: From the book “Henny Penny”.

Heresy Hurricane Season – a season in American Seeker Sensitive churches where the pastors and teachers are exceptionally heretical in their sermons.

Heresy two-step – The Heresy Two-step starts with two feet on the text. The allusion must be given that the text is going to be taught on. Then a sliding step backwards is taken into an abstraction. You move from the text to an idea about the text or to a word in the text. Once the text is abstracted and a general principle or something along these lines is made. You can now wiggle around and go in any direction you want. You can make the text say whatever you want. Instead of teaching the text you are pontificating on this abstraction which was drawn from the text.
Word origin: From Bryan Wolfmueller.

Herman Newtick a person so biblical that all heretics either claim to know him or claim to have never heard of him.

Hypla – an odd progressive state where one finds himself/herself getting more and more excited on “spiritual” topics. The result being that their “spiritual” excitement overrides their conscious, rational mind.  This is often seen when one shares personal prophecies, revelations or heavenly experiences excitedly and as a result, share their experiences with even more excitement.  Hypla often causes people to believe fantasies and leaves them more vulnerable to follywander. (For example, XP Media with Patricia King.)

Humblebug – 1. a type of person that results in humblebug.
2. an argument where someone bugs a person with their thoughts, appealing to their humility and not to the bible to erode orthodox Christian teachings.

Humblebug Francis Chan engaging in humblebug to erode Jesus’ teachings on hell.

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