Jalapendix – a type of worship state where one is led by their liver shiver’s or other abdominal functions. While this experience may feel good, someone may attempt to approach the victim in this state and help them to the bathroom. However, the jalapendix may be laid forcefully on the one offering assistance.

Jezeblooper – a type of Christian who is obsessed with labelling people or things with “Jezebel” or claiming people or things having a “Jezebel Spirit”.

Jezebull – the false teachings of a feminutzi that aggressively promote women to step up to the pastoral plate.

Judgerjudger – a judger who judges judgers.

Judy – an affectionate and coded word Christian’s use on other Christians who attend and tithe to apostate churches.
Word origin: Nickname of Judas Iscariot.

Junkyard – the shop in a church that sells mainly heretical or cliché material.

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