Cat – a title given to a church leader or member that tries to catch or expose the church mouse.

Catting – the process of the cat trying to catch or expose the church mouse.

CEOffal – what a CEO pastor produces that the congregation considers worthless. This could be anything from the content of the sermon, poor leadership and/or bad decisions.  For example, Kong Hee’s wife’s “China Wine” video.

CEOpatra – a CEO pastor who portrays himself/herself to be more god-like than human.

Chameleon – a double minded leader or teacher that will not only be all things to all people but will say all things to all people to gain popularity and influence. They will often use tricky language, speak dishonestly or inconsistently to confuse people where they actually stand on controversial issues. Their members and themselves will often feel or express that they are “misunderstood” by communities, other churches or the media.

Charismania – a term coined by John MacArthur to characterize the looniness one may find in charismatic churches or it’s circles.

Chivalry Revival – A symptom of the DQC where the pastor becomes obsessed with getting a revival to happen in his/her church or movement.

Chuckie-go-lucky – a technique used by preachers where they smile to convince people that what they are saying is true.
Word origin: Name of the doll in the movie “Chuckie” known for it’s creepy smile.


Churcholotry (ecclesiolotry) – a form of idolatry where people elevate the power and ministry of the church above the power and ministry of God. (See good example here.)
Word origin: Merging of the words “church” (“ecclesiology”) and “idolatry”.

Circustein – a type of “church” invented and created by a pastor (that uses no biblical blueprint) to amuse or entertain people in the name of God. They like to be considered and called “movements” but hide behind the guise of “church” so the movement can get away with monstrous, cycloptic, illegal, anti-Christian behaviour outside of the bible. (A good example of a circustein is the Hillsong movement.)
Word origin: Merging of the words “circus” and “frankenstein”.

Clichéanity – a religion (usually New Age) that disguises itself as Christianity by hiding behind both Christian and secular clichés.

Confunity – a false sense of unity where those united aren’t really sure what they are united over.
Word origin: Merging of the words “confuse” and “unity”.

Criticcritic – a critic who criticizes critics.

Christos Deploram – when one espouses a theology that people know that even Jesus Christ Himself would not dare to preach.

Christianity Lite – Christian teaching that provides so little milk that hearers become malnourished and are sure to be blown and tossed by every wind and wave of doctrine.

Croak – a bad book written by a heretic.

Croakery – a series or collection of bad books written by a heretic.

Cyclopean (Cycloptic) – a descriptive word used to summarize how the “one-eyed” body of believers operate within a Visionary Leader’s church.

Cyclopoxic – a state of a church or movement that is not only intoxicated or poisoned with the false doctrine of Visionary Leadership, but must also submit to the vision of its Visionary Leader.

Cyclops – a title given to a church that has a Visionary Leader lording over their “Gentiles”.

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  1. Arentorea

    Clicheanity is definitely my favorite! I love these! Very nice!


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