Mantramill – a church or sect famous for making Biblical/unbiblical mantras.

Mantrance – a trance-like state where one simply spouts false or illogical mantras without any thought as to what they are saying or doing. The only cure for this condition is to get this person into a Biblically sound church or to meet with a pastor who faithfully handles God’s Word.

Mantrancing – when someone who is in a mantrance starts using all his/her nonsensical mantras on his/her opponent.

Mantranumbing – a technique used in churches to mislead and condition followers to believe untrue mantras by constant spouting and repeating them. The result of mantranumbing is that the follower gets dumber and starts repeating or spreading the mantranumbing to others.

Masloration – a sermon that preaches on needs not creeds. Thus, mans needs are emphasized over the Gospel, which leads people to follow a moralistic therapeutic deity rather than the true God.

Mein kampf – a type of literature or production that replaces or rewrites the Christian bible with the works of philosophers or a type of “bible” that rewrites the bible to suit current social ideas and philosophies. Examples are The Message (New Age version), The Queen James Version (Gay affirming version). This term may also be applied to movies or miniseries that misrepresent the bible to further the anti-Christian ideas prevailing in our society.  Examples are The Bible Miniseries, The Son of God movie and the A.D. miniseries produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey and movies like Noah by Darren Aronofsky.
Word origin: From the work of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany who forced churches to replace the bible with his philosophical work ‘ Mein Kampf’.

Metacarpasis – a type of sermon that relies on hand sudging. (Bill Johnson is probably the most famous for preaching much metacarpasi).

Mimi – a narcissistic Christian
Word origin: Sounds like “me me”.

Mouse – a church whistleblower that squeaks what is happening behind closed doors.

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