Raccooneering – when a pastor steals or plagiarizes another pastor’s horrible sermon.

Rancher – A term coined in the eighties to describe a particular type of pastor. A “pastor” who does not directly pastor but delegates the pastoring role to others so that the members receive so-called “high-quality care”. While the shepherd leads, the rancher drives. The rancher tends to rope other Christians into their movement and then “drives them ragged into slaughter”.

Reich church – a church that reflects the standards and philosophies of the world. Their orientation is around the fear and standards of the culture and not the fear and standards of God. Popular reich churches: Hillsong, Saddleback, Willow Creek, North Point Community Church.
Word origin: Created in 1936, the Reich Church emerged from Nazi Germany.

Reichsparteitag (abr. reichspar) – an annual rally for a type of “church movement” (a nuremberg) that is a large propaganda event that encourage people to get behind their leader/führer’s vision. These events may be called Vision Sundays, Vision Builders, Vision Casting day, etc. Film or other forms of media may be used to commemorate these annual events. These events try to convince people that their leader is set apart because God gave them a vision; filter members who are either for them or against them; and to manipulate people into pledging their loyalty to the vision and cause of the “pastor”.

An informal reichsparteitag can also be a sermon, session, service or segment where the speaker preaches about the history, the vision and the leadership of the movement.
Word origin: German word for ‘Nuremberg Rally’.

Rubbish dump – see mantrancing.

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