What is the Apostasis Lexicon™?

Are you confused what your pastor is doing in the pulpit? Why are some church members acting in a certain way? What do you call merchandise that is heavily advertised in the corner of your Christian bookstore? Was that a sermon you just heard?

The Apostasis Lexicon is your Lexicon to help you define and recognise things happening in APOSTASIS ( the state of the current visible apostate church). Feel free to use these words whenever and wherever necessary. Click on the letters on top of this website or below to explore the Apostasis Lexicon™.

-A- -B- -C- -D- -E-

-F- -G- -H- -I- -J-

-K- -L- -M- -N- -O-

-P- -Q- -R- -S- -T-

-U- -V- -W- -X- -Y- -Z-

If you come across any new words or if you would like to offer a suggestion of a new word for the Apostasis Lexicon™, please email:


Apostasis Lexicon5


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